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Cyber Security

3 min read

Expert interview: Cyber Security Trends & topics for 2023 and 2024

We sat down with our Cyber Security expert Deniz Tourgout to talk about current and future trends...

2 min read

The biggest threats in AI hacking (Video)

Kostadin Ivanov talks about AI in hacking and what it means for companies and their Cyber Security...

3 min read

Cyber Security Studies: Stats, facts & numbers

How many companies are victims of cyber-attacks, how much does an attack cost, and what causes and...

4 min read

Introduction To Offensive Testing (tips & methods)

Offensive testing is a great way to ensure that your company is not just theoretically safe from...

6 min read

The secrets to a strong cyber security team

With the rapid digitalization of business, the importance of cyber security has increased...

6 min read

Study: Cyber Security & digital team work

Globalization, remote work and the many advantages of digital collaboration tools have opened up...

10 min read

The DIGITALL Trends for 2023

Despite the big disruptions of the last years, we take the leap and predict the digital trends for...

5 min read

What's a Security Operations Center (and why do you need it)?

Digitalization brings many advantages with it, but the flexibility that it offers companies to do...

6 min read

Location matters: Data centers in a globalized world

In January, Austria deemed Google Analytics not suitable for GDPR-standards since the tech giant...