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15 min read

Customer centricity: Stop hunting your customers

Customer centricity is at the core of today's successful business and is closely connected to the...

5 min read

Study: Employees would rather quit than go back to the office

If you ask whether companies should offer remote work options or not, you're already too late -...

7 min read

Loyalty Programs: Create value with experiences, data & AI

Customer loyalty is one of the key success factors for any company that aims for longevity. From...

6 min read

The secret of good leadership

Whether in a small team or as head of a company - great leadership inspires, motivates and gives...

5 min read

Pain Points are the key to your business goals

Many businesses and organizations but also business units have the task to solve problems. Knowing...

11 min read

How creative can (and must) a company be?

Creativity in a company should not be reduced to a few select business units. In fact, holistic...

3 min read

Lacking ICT skills? Maybe it's your own fault

Time and again, a lack of specialist know-how and expertise are cited as hurdles to digitization....

4 min read

Speed up your decision processes with these 5 tips

Data protection and compliance are often cited as the major hurdles to achieve digitization. But a...

6 min read

Is voice search the future of marketing?

When it comes to technologies that can potentially turn customer behavior and marketing upside...