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5 min read

Spotlight UK: An uncertain future in the digital race

In the Digital Economy and Society Index from 2020, the United Kingdom ranked 8th overall which...

5 min read

Spotlight US: A strong digital leader might lose momentum

The United States of America are a digital force to be reckoned with. But the leader in many...

5 min read

Spotlight Canada: Digital foundations need an innovative push

Canada's digital foundations are solid but there's a spark missing to truly place it at the top of...

9 min read

5 major CX and CRM trends in insurance

The insurance industry is undergoing a significant transformation moving to address the needs of...

4 min read

Spotlight Spain: Digital frontrunner that needs more cloud-adoption

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Spain ranks in the top 10 of all...

12 min read

How digital is the construction industry in the DACH region?

The construction industry was hit by the pandemic just like every other industry. Although sales...

6 min read

Spotlight Poland: Digital growth meets reluctant businesses

In the Digital Economy and Society Index, Poland ranks low. But this wouldn't be the Spotlight...

5 min read

eCommerce stats: Don't lose your customers at the checkout

Two out of three online customers "abandon" their digital shopping carts. Often enough, payment...

4 min read

Spotlight Serbia: ICT export champion needs local economy to digitize

Serbia might be one of the countries that are easily to dismiss on a global scale but don't be...