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5 min read

What's a Security Operations Center (and why do you need it)?

Digitalization brings many advantages with it, but the flexibility that it offers companies to do...

6 min read

Personalized Marketing is a must-have (if done well)

The buying behavior of customers is changing, and so are their expectations of companies....

8 min read

Why NLP is the biggest asset of AI technology

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a crucial topic within the vast field of artificial...

6 min read

D2C: distinguish your brand with direct consumer contact

Close customer relationships help companies be more risk-averse, weather disruptive events, and...

6 min read

Are we ready for 5G?

Most countries are getting ready for 5G technology to be competitive in the digital race. But what...

6 min read

Chatbots: More than just customer service tools

For a while, chatbots where the next big thing in the customer service segment. However, as the...

9 min read

The digital transformation happens in the cloud

Cloud-based technology might not be the only way to digitalize a business but it's hard to imagine...

14 min read

The Digital Trends for 2022

It's a new year in the digital age, time to take a look at the trends that will impact companies...

7 min read

Artificial intelligence can change your business - if you do it right

AI might not be a new technology but whenever C-level management talks about it, it still appears...