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3 min read

The future in AI: facts and stats about artificial intelligence

What does the future of artificial intelligence bring and how are companies currently dealing with...

6 min read

ChatGPT-Interview: Facts vs. fiction about AI-generated content

As an IT company, ChatGPT and AI-generated content has obviously also had an impact on our...

6 min read

How can businesses deal with disruption?

In the last years, 'disruption' has been a popular term to describe sudden changes whether through...

7 min read

10 things AI can do for you right now

The future of artificial intelligence is exciting but for most of us, the more relevant question is...

4 min read

Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? No, it's the super cloud

The term "cloud" no longer sufficiently describes what is needed to cover a satisfying cloud-based...

3 min read

Vertical cloud: Why companies benefit from industry software solutions

Gartner names the Vertical Clouds as one of the major digital trends for 2023 and we at DIGITALL...

4 min read

Marketing intelligence: Smart insights for better decision-making

Marketing intelligence is crucial to align processes, gain an overview over all activities and...

7 min read

Do you really need to be an early adopter?

When we talk about digitalization, we often celebrate early adopters and urge other companies to...

4 min read

Low Code, No Code, Power User: App development for everyone

Demand for individual software solutions and apps is high in companies but often can't be met due...