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6 min read

Relaxed at work: 5 simple things to lift your mood

In autumn and winter, the decrease in sunlight - which affects the "happiness hormone" serotonin -...

7 min read

What can you learn from mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has a tale to tell about a horrendous project or a complete...

4 min read

Is the cloud sustainable?

Sustainability and energy-efficiency are some of the key topics of our time which also heavily...

5 min read

Study: Employees would rather quit than go back to the office

If you ask whether companies should offer remote work options or not, you're already too late -...

5 min read

Study: What's the perfect business meeting?

In the last couple of months, we have asked our social media followers about their daily...

11 min read

New Work: the working place & culture are changing

Digital transformation, globalization, the information age and generational change - what will make...

7 min read

How important is purpose at your workplace?

"Purpose" is a word full with potential and meaning. It's fair to say that every single person has...

7 min read

Why digital teamwork is more than just the right platform

Bill Gate once said that "automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the...

7 min read

What does Diversity mean for a company?

Everyone talks about diversity and wants to be diverse. But what does it actually mean and why is...