Juliane Waack

Juliane Waack is Editor in Chief at DIGITALL and writes about the digital transformation, megatrends and why a healthy culture is essential for a successful business.

6 min read

The secret of good leadership

Whether in a small team or as head of a company - great leadership inspires, motivates and gives employees, partners, and other stakeholders purpose for a common goal.

6 min read

Are we ready for 5G?

Most countries are getting ready for 5G technology to be competitive in the digital race. But what...

7 min read

Spotlight Bulgaria: The digital future lies in AI

Bulgaria ranks low in the overall Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) but a few highlights...

5 min read

Understand Pain Points for more business success

Many businesses and organizations but also business units have the task to solve problems. Knowing...

6 min read

Chatbots: More than just customer service tools

For a while, chatbots where the next big thing in the customer service segment. However, as the...

5 min read

Spotlight Portugal: The right initiatives for digital growth

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Portugal ranks 16th and is therefore...

8 min read

The biggest challenges of Digitalization (and how to master them)

To compete in local and global markets and provide customers and users with flexible and individual...

9 min read

Cloud Computing: The digital transformation is based in the cloud

Cloud-based technology might not be the only way to digitalize a business but it's hard to imagine...

5 min read

Spotlight Romania: A strong digital infrastructure lacks acceptance

Although it ranks low in the European Digital Economy and Society Index, Romania has the right...