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4 min read

Fighting Transformation - The Psychology of Change

One of the biggest challenges of any business transformation is to convince all stakeholders - from...

7 min read

What can you learn from mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has a tale to tell about a horrendous project or a complete...

4 min read

The secret to inspiration

Inspiration is not only a performance driver but also helps people to be creative, innovative, and...

6 min read

How can businesses deal with disruption?

In the last years, 'disruption' has been a popular term to describe sudden changes whether through...

6 min read

The secrets to a strong cyber security team

With the rapid digitalization of business, the importance of cyber security has increased...

4 min read

Employees need gratitude

According to studies, showing gratitude strengthens relationships, lifts the mood, and increases...

6 min read

Love is in the Air: How to show your customers that you care

Many companies agree that customer centricity is key to be successful. However, if customers don't...

15 min read

Customer centricity: Stop hunting your customers

Customer centricity is at the core of today's successful business and is closely connected to the...

5 min read

Study: Employees would rather quit than go back to the office

If you ask whether companies should offer remote work options or not, you're already too late -...