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6 min read

Chatbots: More than just customer service tools

For a while, chatbots where the next big thing in the customer service segment. However, as the...

9 min read

The digital transformation happens in the cloud

Cloud-based technology might not be the only way to digitalize a business but it's hard to imagine...

14 min read

The Digital Trends for 2022

It's a new year in the digital age, time to take a look at the trends that will impact companies...

7 min read

Artificial intelligence can change your business - if you do it right

AI might not be a new technology but whenever C-level management talks about it, it still appears...

7 min read

Rethink Cyber Security: Where Technology meets Behavior

Cyber Security needs to be reshaped as a multitude of tools, processes and methods to act swiftly...

4 min read

Where is your office in the future?

With the pandemic, the home office concept has become more prevalent. For some companies it has...

5 min read

The subscription business model is a game changer for B2B and B2C

From Netflix to the business cloud - more and more companies are offering subscriptions. Renting...

5 min read

Does your data strategy need a Data warehouse?

If you want to get involved in data analytics, data management and artificial intelligence, the...

4 min read

What's the issue with Supply chains?

Numerous supply chains collapsed almost overnight at the beginning of the pandemic in Spring 2020....