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3 min read

The future in AI: facts and stats about artificial intelligence

What does the future of artificial intelligence bring and how are companies currently dealing with...

4 min read

Fighting Transformation - The Psychology of Change

One of the biggest challenges of any business transformation is to convince all stakeholders - from...

6 min read

ChatGPT-Interview: Facts vs. fiction about AI-generated content

As an IT company, ChatGPT and AI-generated content has obviously also had an impact on our...

5 min read

Budget & planning security in modern projects - classic meets agile

Agile project management is gaining momentum in many companies, but clearly-defined budgets and...

3 min read

What a good BI-solution can do for you (and how to find it)

Business intelligence offers companies smart insights into their business data to draw actionable...

3 min read

Closed-Loop Reporting aligns your data & teams

Working with the same data basis and aligning on each other's goals can help your marketing and...

5 min read

5 tips to optimize your CRM costs

Basing the worth of a CRM system solely on its pricing is usually not the best idea for success but...

4 min read

Data privacy is not a road block, it's a marketing (and sales) asset

With new laws and regulations popping up constantly, marketers usually fear the changes that might...

5 min read

How to evalute your technology purchase (and avoid buyer's remose)

According to a recent Gartner study, 60% of technology buyers who are considering a renewal or...