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4 min read

Spotlight Spain: Digital frontrunner that needs more cloud-adoption

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Spain ranks in the top 10 of all...

12 min read

How digital is the construction industry in the DACH region?

The construction industry was hit by the pandemic just like every other industry. Although sales...

6 min read

Spotlight Poland: Digital growth meets reluctant businesses

In the Digital Economy and Society Index, Poland ranks low. But this wouldn't be the Spotlight...

15 min read

Customer centricity: Stop hunting your customers

Customer centricity is at the core of today's successful business and is closely connected to the...

5 min read

Study: Employees would rather quit than go back to the office

If you ask whether companies should offer remote work options or not, you're already too late -...

6 min read

Location matters: Data centers in a globalized world

In January, Austria deemed Google Analytics not suitable for GDPR-standards since the tech giant...

7 min read

Loyalty Programs: Create value with experiences, data & AI

Customer loyalty is one of the key success factors for any company that aims for longevity. From...

4 min read

Spotlight Switzerland: Digital front runner with industry gaps

According to the Global Innovation Index 2021, Switzerland tops every other country with the number...

5 min read

Study: What's the perfect business meeting?

In the last couple of months, we have asked our social media followers about their daily...