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3 min read

Expert interview: Cyber Security Trends & topics for 2023 and 2024

We sat down with our Cyber Security expert Deniz Tourgout to talk about current and future trends and topics that shape the world of Cyber Security.

3 min read

The future in AI: facts and stats about artificial intelligence

What does the future of artificial intelligence bring and how are companies currently dealing with...

4 min read

Fighting Transformation - The Psychology of Change

One of the biggest challenges of any business transformation is to convince all stakeholders - from...

2 min read

The biggest threats in AI hacking (Video)

Kostadin Ivanov talks about AI in hacking and what it means for companies and their Cyber Security...

6 min read

ChatGPT-Interview: Facts vs. fiction about AI-generated content

As an IT company, ChatGPT and AI-generated content has obviously also had an impact on our...

5 min read

Budget & planning security in modern projects - classic meets agile

Agile project management is gaining momentum in many companies, but clearly-defined budgets and...

3 min read

What a good BI-solution can do for you (and how to find it)

Business intelligence offers companies smart insights into their business data to draw actionable...

3 min read

Cyber Security Studies: Stats, facts & numbers

How many companies are victims of cyber-attacks, how much does an attack cost, and what causes and...

3 min read

Closed-Loop Reporting aligns your data & teams

Working with the same data basis and aligning on each other's goals can help your marketing and...