Sabine Kirchem

Sabine Kirchem is a Marketing, Brand, and Communications expert as well as a book author. She is enthused by innovation topics, current trends and technologies in the areas of digitalization, marketing and communications.

7 min read

How important is purpose at your workplace?

"Purpose" is a word full with potential and meaning. It's fair to say that every single person has a different definition of it but also has their own unique purpose in life and in everything they...

7 min read

Why digital teamwork is more than just the right platform

Bill Gate once said that "automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the...

7 min read

What does Diversity mean for a company?

Everyone talks about diversity and wants to be diverse. But what does it actually mean and why is...

12 min read

How creative can (and must) a company be?

Creativity in a company should not be reduced to a few select business units. In fact, holistic...

1 min read

Analytics  Projects: Be fast, generate more value

According to a recent study, the duration of analytics projects has shortened dramatically in...

3 min read

Lacking ICT skills? Maybe it's your own fault

Time and again, a lack of specialist know-how and expertise are cited as hurdles to digitization....