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4 min read

Marketing intelligence: Smart insights for better decision-making

Marketing intelligence is crucial to align processes, gain an overview over all activities and results, and therefore push the right channels, messages, and campaigns.

7 min read

Do you really need to be an early adopter?

When we talk about digitalization, we often celebrate early adopters and urge other companies to...

4 min read

Low Code, No Code, Power User: App development for everyone

Demand for individual software solutions and apps is high in companies but often can't be met due...

10 min read

The DIGITALL Trends for 2023

Despite the big disruptions of the last years, we take the leap and predict the digital trends for...

5 min read

Spotlight UK: An uncertain future in the digital race

In the Digital Economy and Society Index from 2020, the United Kingdom ranked 8th overall which...

6 min read

Digital Campus: Revolutionize teaching and learning processes

Due to the pandemic, education models have changed drastically in the last 3 years. Digital...

5 min read

Unified communi-cation will increase your productivity

Technologies that support communication and collaboration are important for any organization to...

5 min read

Spotlight US: A strong digital leader might lose momentum

The United States of America are a digital force to be reckoned with. But the leader in many...

10 min read

Driving change: Usability and UX are not just for customers

Digitalization helps automate processes, use artificial intelligence for better insights and...