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5 min read

Unified communication will increase your productivity

Technologies that support communication and collaboration are important for any organization to...

10 min read

Driving change: Usability and UX are not just for customers

Digitalization helps automate processes, use artificial intelligence for better insights and...

5 min read

Sharing is caring: Data Sharing becomes more important

Although the pandemic has turned us into remote work experts, we still face some challenges...

6 min read

NGOs go digital - improve visibility, relationships & impact

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have always relied heavily on visibility and relationships....

5 min read

Spotlight Canada: Digital foundations need an innovative push

Canada's digital foundations are solid but there's a spark missing to truly place it at the top of...

9 min read

Benefits and Challenges of Managed Customer Support Services

Whether customer service should be externalized or provided in-house is increasingly debated in...

4 min read

Spotlight Spain: Digital frontrunner that needs more cloud-adoption

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Spain ranks in the top 10 of all...

12 min read

How digital is the construction industry in the DACH region?

The construction industry was hit by the pandemic just like every other industry. Although sales...

5 min read

What's a Security Operations Center (and why do you need it)?

Digitalization brings many advantages with it, but the flexibility that it offers companies to do...