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5 min read

Is Vendor Lock-In still an issue?

Times are changing, trends are developing faster and faster and the 21st century seems to be the...

5 min read

On-premise or cloud? What does your company need?

Cloud-based solutions, especially as Software as a Service (SaaS) model, are increasingly popular....

3 min read

Why do you need Field Service Management software?

Whether for service, sales or other external services - field service is a crucial element for many...

3 min read

IaaS: Cloud-based infrastructure for rent

IaaS has become the norm for many companies who prefer scalable infrastructure services at lower...

4 min read

Is the cloud sustainable?

Sustainability and energy-efficiency are some of the key topics of our time which also heavily...

5 min read

The 4 biggest challenges of breaking down data silos

Digitization is all about connection. What cannot be connected creates a roadblock on the way to...

2 min read

CPQ software can turn your sales cycle around

CPQ software can truly change the daily work of sales teams and simultaneously create more...

5 min read

How do you choose the right Managed Service Provider?

The digital transformation is fast, global disruptions happen all the time and the skill gap for...

5 min read

Test Management as part of agile Software Projects

Project management expert Wiebke Bergholz explains what test management is, how it's structured,...