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4 min read

Low Code, No Code, Power User: App development for everyone

Demand for individual software solutions and apps is high in companies but often can't be met due...

5 min read

Spotlight UK: An uncertain future in the digital race

In the Digital Economy and Society Index from 2020, the United Kingdom ranked 8th overall which...

6 min read

Digital Campus: Revolutionize teaching and learning processes

Due to the pandemic, education models have changed drastically in the last 3 years. Digital...

5 min read

Unified communi-cation will increase your productivity

Technologies that support communication and collaboration are important for any organization to...

10 min read

Driving change: Usability and UX are not just for customers

Digitalization helps automate processes, use artificial intelligence for better insights and...

5 min read

Sharing is caring: Data Sharing becomes more important

Although the pandemic has turned us into remote work experts, we still face some challenges...

6 min read

NGOs go digital - improve visibility, relationships & impact

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have always relied heavily on visibility and relationships....

5 min read

Spotlight Canada: Digital foundations need an innovative push

Canada's digital foundations are solid but there's a spark missing to truly place it at the top of...

9 min read

Benefits and Challenges of Managed Customer Support Services

Whether customer service should be externalized or provided in-house is increasingly debated in...