Cyber Security Studies: Stats, facts & numbers

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How many companies are victims of cyber-attacks, how much does an attack cost, and what causes and prevents these attacks?

Cyber Security Stats

Cyber Security is a crucial topic for companies and organizations across all industries, markets and countries. However, often, security measures are only prioritized after an attack occurred which is the wrong approach and could potentially cost millions as well as decrease the trust your customers, partners and employees have in you.

The best approach is to build a 360° Cyber Security strategy to prevent cyber-attacks or at least widely diminish their impact by identifying threats early and reacting in real-time.

In the following, we collected and summarized recent study results to show how cyber-attacks can harm an organization and why Cyber Security is crucial to detect, disarm, or even prevent security breaches.

Every third person takes a risky action during a cyber attack. Source: Proofpoint, 2023. - DIGITALL

1 in 3

The number of people who took a risky action during a cyber-attack that could potentially result in a data breach according to an study by proofpoint among 7500 people from 15 countries.

4,45 Million US-Dollars

The average cost of a data breach, according to an IBM survey from 2023 that asked more than 550 companies from different countries. 


The number of Cyber Security professionals that are missing from the workforce in the EMEA region to meet the demands of companies and organizations, according to an (ISC)2 survey from 2022.

1,76 Million US-Dollars

The amount of money you can save by using fully implemented Cyber Security AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as automation (IBM, 2023). 


The amount of Cyber Security professionals who fear that disruption of their cloud infrastructure would heavily endanger their business is based on results of a study by our daughter company GBS from 2022.

44% of users consider an email as safe if it has familiar branding. Source: Proofpoint, 2023. - DIGITALL


The number of users that see an email as safe when it has familiar branding (e.g., logo, , colors, etc.) (Proofpoint, 2023).

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The number of companies who have found that an alignment of Cyber Security programs to their business objectives usually results in increased revenue growth, market shares and improved customer satisfaction, trust, and employee productivity, according to the State of Cyber Security 2023 by Accenture.

It takes 277 days to recover from a data breach. Source: IBM, 2023 - DIGITALL


The number of days that it takes to recover from a data breach (IBM, 2023). The same study also showed that using AI-based Cyber Security can reduce this time by up to 108 days.

1 in 10

The number of threats that were successfully blocked because a user recognized it as a malicious activity and reported it (Proofpoint, 2023)


The number of companies that had higher costs after a data breach and therefore had to increase prices for their customers (IBM, 2023).

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by Juliane Waack

Juliane Waack is Editor in Chief at DIGITALL and writes about the digital transformation, megatrends and why a healthy culture is essential for a successful business.

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