Expert interview: Cyber Security Trends & topics for 2023 and 2024

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We sat down with our Cyber Security expert Deniz Tourgout to talk about current and future trends and topics that shape the world of Cyber Security.

In our video interview, Deniz Tourgout talks about current Cyber Security topics and trends that shape 2023 and will further impact 2024.

Security Awareness Trainings for Hybrid Work

Security awareness trainings are a necessary measure to teach employees how to act and what to look out for to keep sensitive data as well as external devices secure.

As Tourgout mentions, many companies did not consider this a necessary measure during the pandemic when many employees worked from home but especially outside of the well-managed office networks, awareness and training is crucial to avoid malicious actors to gain access to an organization's infrastructure.

Vendor Consolidation

According to Tourgout, many big Cyber Security companies are currently expanding their portfolios by buying smaller companies with specialized solutions. This has advantages for customers who don't have to juggle and connect numerous different applications and licenses but can instead get a wide variety of different security services and solutions via one technology partner.

Zero Trust

The zero trust security model (also: zero trust architecture - ZTA) is an approach and mindset to "never trust, always verify" when developing, testing, and optimizing solutions. This approach assumes the worst of its users and devices and therefore does help to be more aware of potential risks, gaps and weaknesses to develop fitting measures and solutions.

Tourgout says that zero trust has been widely accepted and will only increase measures such as identity management, mutual authentication, device management, etc. Especially in times of remote work and globalization, zero trust enables secure mobile work and cloud-based processes.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

According to Tourgout, XDR as a Service will be a major trend in Cyber Security in the coming years. The service differs from EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) by not just protecting endpoints but extending security measures across endpoints, clouds, emails, and other applications for a more thorough and aware security monitoring and protection.

XDR includes analysis, prioritization, identification and processing of threats.

Ukraine War

Political unrest almost always has an impact on the economy and specifically on Cyber Security, which is why the war in the Ukraine caused an increase in cyber-attacks from Russian actors.

Additionally, any political unrest can cause huge disruptions on the market which will be leveraged by malicious actors.


The recession has caused many layoffs specifically in the IT sector which often gets connected with the aim to automate more human-led jobs. However, as Tourgout sees it, a 360° security strategy still needs the combination of automation, artificial intelligence and human skills and expertise to work perfectly and flexibly.

Given that huge layoffs can also cause weaknesses in general infrastructure, a lot of companies might have increased their vulnerability.

Managed Services

Given the breakneck speed of new and ever-evolving cyber threat technology due to automation and artificial intelligence, more and more organizations feel overwhelmed and lack the special expertise and resources to fully secure their business.

But a cyber-attack is costly and takes long to recover from which is why many organizations are using managed services from partners with experienced specialists to scale their Cyber Security measures and ensure a 24/7 service.  

Find out about our varied Cyber Security portfolio. We offer awareness trainings, penetration tests and implement a Security Operations Center with the additional support of a managed services team.

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by Deniz Tourgout

Deniz Tourgout is Cyber Security Sales Manager for the CEE market at DIGITALL. He has intensive knowledge about Cyber Security topics, data integration and migration and overall transformation topics.

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Expert interview: Cyber Security Trends & topics for 2023 and 2024

We sat down with our Cyber Security expert Deniz Tourgout to talk about current and future trends...

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